Commercial Roofing

Paramount understands how important your roof is to protect your people, assets, and business operations. The design process of any roof should consider the following: are you heating or cooling the building most of the year, traffic on the roof, ease of maintenance and extending the lifecycle of the roof, can the client afford leaks inside, code requirements, wind speed, etc.

Too often clients are presented with the cheapest roof possible. We understand the relationship between mission and margin but the best roofs’ take into account immediate needs while allowing for the owner to maximize the return on investment of their roof.

Each company has a unique perspective when it comes to safety and how it fits into their culture. Whenever someone walks onto your property you are assuming a certain degree of liability. This reality is even greater when you have people performing dangerous work at your facility. Paramount Roofing has a detailed, repeatable, and documented safety and indemnification program so you can be assured your company is protected and all safety processes are in place. Before construction begins a safety/indemnification meeting will take place where you will appreciate the steps that are taken to protect your employees and company.